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Terms of Use

1. Terms of Use

The Japan Clinical Research Operations website (“this website”) is published and operated by Japan Clinical Research Operations Co., Ltd. (or “the company” below).
Please read the following Terms of Use and consent to the terms before using this website.
If for any reason you do not agree with the Terms of Use, please refrain from using this website.
Your use of this website constitutes your agreement with the following Terms of Use in entirety.

2. Copyright

Rights for all content contained in this website—information including but not limited to text, trademarks, logos, and graphics, features including but not limited to software and icons, and editing and placement of the content—belong to the company or are used with legitimate rights.
Under copyright laws, it is strictly forbidden for you to use or duplicate the contents of this website, without the company's permission, for anything other than your own personal, non-commercial use.

3. Exemptions

The company takes every precaution when including information in this website.
However, the company assumes no responsibility concerning the accuracy, reliability, usability, timeliness or completeness of the information in this website.
This website provides information about pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, and consumer products that the company concerns, as well as general information concerning health and illnesses.
This website does not provide medical advice from medical practitioners who are licensed as physicians or pharmacists, nor does this website provide information in place of such advice.
The company provides no warranties concerning interruption of the features of this website, errors, computer viruses from this website or servers, or other harm that occurs.
Furthermore, the company provides no warranties regarding damages of any kind that arise from your use of this website.
The company assumes no responsibility for the contents of other websites that are linked from this website.
When using websites that are linked from this website, you must consent to the terms of use of the linked website.

4. Handling of Personal Information

In accordance with the privacy policy, the company properly handles customer's personal information.

5. Links to other websites

This Website provides links to other websites for the convenience of its users.
This Website is administered completely independently of those websites, however, and as such, has no control over their content.
Furthermore, the provision of links to other websites is in no way an endorsement of their content or usage, and the company accepts no responsibility for any consequences that arise in this regard.

6. About recommended environment

The most up-to-date versions of the Web browsers listed below are recommended for viewing this Website.
Please be advised that even if one of these recommended browsers is used, it is possible that this Website may not be usable or appear properly depending on the browser settings.

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7. Governing Law

Use and the contents of this website are governed under the laws of Japan.