Naoko MatsushimaFinancial Management

Naoko Matsushima

Naoko Matsushima joined US based CRO in 1996 after 6 years of experience in a consulting firm. Ms. Matsushima experienced broad areas of business management for more than 20 years in the CRO.

She started her career in the CRO as a business development and proposed solutions based on customers’ needs and negotiated contract terms when CRO is not well-recognized in pharmaceutical industry in 1990s.

As the CRO grows, Ms. Matsushima led financial management. She and her team managed project finance and negotiated financial terms with customers to maintain the financial soundness of the company.

After accomplishment in finance area, she experienced business planning and business management and was responsible for development of business plan in support of the head of CRO. She also developed a system of resource management, which is a key of CRO business, and enabled the operation to forecast business going forward.

The last four years in the CRO, Ms. Matsushima managed the operation of pharmacovigilance. She and her team provided solutions in accordance with Japanese and global customers as well as Organization management including human resource development.

She also supported start-up of Japanese pharmacovigilance service in Dalian, China and developed collaborative working relationship.


  • Business and Financial management
  • Contract development and management