Kanji katoClinical Operation, 
Senior Director

Kanji kato

Mr. Kato has been working for over 30 years at ICI / Zeneca / Astrazeneca.

He began his career from MR. Then he moved to the marketing department. He also experienced new product assessments in marketing. In addition, he experienced a leader in many projects and acquired a wide range of knowledge from sales to development. The main outcome of Marketing Manager is the launch of three breast cancer products.

He was able to build a strong relationship with Breast Cancer KOL by developing new promotional tactics. He then built a product life cycle development strategy that takes into account the breast cancer pipeline. It included the expansion of indications for existing products.He also has experience with senior sales manager and has general sales knowledge and experience. He hopes to use this experience to support the launch of many new products into Japan as soon as possible.


  • Establishment of new product launch planning marketing strategy
  • Sales Strategy
  • KOL management